Knife & Fork


Artful implements

Former restaurateur Vu Nguyen has a new culinary endeavor: creating handmade tools for home cooks, inspired by the...

In the round

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Redefining authentic

Three Charlottesville restaurant owners on what it means to make food ‘of a place’

Buried treasure

Farming for truffles in...Central Virginia?

Fresh Hart

Chef Melissa Close-Hart has new restaurant­—and a new outlook

Stewards of the earth

DuCard Vineyards eliminates plastic bottles from its tasting room

Practical and palatable

BohoVegMom’s recipes make vegan eating reasonable for even the most reluctant cook

For cake’s sake

This new recipe book is sweet (and, in some cases, savory)

Wine school

Local sauvignon savant brings science to sipping with Teacher’s Pet Nat

Small kindness

Two-year-old coffee shop looks to grow on good intentions