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Rising values

Assessments up 12.33 percent in Charlottesville

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Why some city neighborhoods could see big changes

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How will recent assessments affect property taxes?

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Redevelopment clues reside on Cherry Avenue

New Reality

How will the Comprehensive Plan affect local real estate prices?

Forest Lakes

By Ken Wilson – When Frank Kessler and the Kessler Group began construction on what was to be the largest planned...

Rain Gardens

By Marilyn Pribus – “Each time it rains, pollutants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, and even lead flow directly...

Sustained Growth Predicted for Area’s Commercial Real Estate

By Celeste M. Smucker – Commercial real estate in Charlottesville and the Valley (including shops, office buildings,...

How to Plan the Best Holiday Visits

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Your Own Personal Resort Available Now in Spring Creek

By Celeste M. Smucker – Is golf your game?  Or maybe it’s tennis, pickleball, or swimming? (How does a saltwater pool...