On the anniversary of the August 11, 2017, tiki-torch march through UVA Grounds, students refused to be corralled into a university-sanctioned demonstration area. Photo by Eze Amos

Still active: Students work to change culture from the periphery

By Ben Hitchcock At 10:30pm on May 4, 1970, approximately 1,500 UVA students gathered on the Lawn to protest the murder of four student activists at Kent State University earlier that day. On April 28, 1983, a group of 100 students marched up to the office of Student Affairs Vice President Ernest Ern and presented […]

Opening on May 17 at Live Arts, The Royale delivers knockout performances through June 8. Image; Martyn Kyle.

ARTS Pick: The Royale

Ring true: Boxer Jack Johnson became the first African American world heavyweight champion, and at the height of the Jim Crow era he was “the most famous and the most notorious African American on Earth,” according to documentarian Ken Burns. Directed by multi-faceted artist and C-VILLE contributor Leslie Scott-Jones, The Royale, written by Marco Ramirez, […]

A 2018 review of the honor system found that 45 percent of students would not report a violation because of the single sanction that requires expulsion. Photo: Eze Amos

Honor crimes: Is it time for the single sanction to go? 

Tucked on the fourth floor of Newcomb Hall in back of UVA’s Academical Village are offices of the student-run committee that investigates, charges, and tries fellow students accused of lying, cheating, or stealing. Its bylaws require panels to hand down the same punishment for any single conviction: permanent expulsion from the university. That harsh mandate, […]

Renee Byrd’s recipes—including the one for these honey-sweetened thumbprint strawberry jam cookies—are as delicious as they are as healthy as they are delicious. Photo: Renee Byrd

The joy of eating: How a local cook, food stylist, and blogger with a national following learned to love food again

After years of struggling with disordered eating and food sensitivities, Renee Byrd rediscovered her love of food and cooking. Now she shares recipes—and a bit of life-changing magic—on Will Frolic for Food, the blog she started in 2013. In a way, Byrd, 29, is the Marie Kondo of food. While she advocates a better, simpler […]

UVA’s Beta Bridge often resembles a Jackson Pollock painting, with its walls and surrounding sidewalk covered in paint and ever-changing messages.

Beta Bridge’s tradition of expression

By Kate Granruth If you’re driving down Rugby Road on the way to Grounds, you can’t miss it. The bridge over the train tracks-—better known as Beta Bridge—somewhat resembles a Jackson Pollock painting. The walls and surrounding sidewalk are always covered in bright paint and an ever-changing selection of messages, from advertisements for club events—the […]