The food at Comal is inspired by the owner's youth in Oaxaca,  in southern Mexico. Photo by Amy and Jackson Smith.

New to you: A flurry of restaurant openings spices up the local dining scene

Comal After 16 years as a manager at Mas Tapas, Benos Bustamante launched Comal, an authentic Mexican restaurant, in the former Belmont Barbecue space. Just a couple of weeks after opening, Bustamante and his team are already hitting their stride. The menu marries fine dining with traditional flavors from Mexico, specifically Oaxaca, where he was […]

WXRK's Mike Friend calls Saga's petition "legal junk."  Photo: Eze Amos

License to bully?: Local nonprofit stations say Saga is out to bankrupt them

Last month, corporate radio giant Saga Communications petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to deny license renewal to five small, nonprofit Charlottesville stations. It’s a move one station owner calls “a blatant attempt at economic bullying through litigation” that if successful, would shut down the area’s only progressive talk radio and programming geared toward African American […]

Laura Wooten's "Alentejo" series (this is "Alentejo 5") is now on view in the "She's in Monochrome" show at Second Street Gallery. Image courtesy Second Street Gallery

In Living Black and White—with Shades of Gray: Colorless Expression Proves Lively in Second Street Gallery’s “She’s in Monochrome”

What do we really see when hues are subdued, diminished, or deleted outright? Tough question. If you’re like me—colorblind—that’s kind of how you go through life. Art’s power when deprived of its full spectrum of possibility is difficult to gauge, since most of us who live the difference are simply born this way and have […]

Wolfman’s Got Nards, Andre Gower’s love letter to cult classic The Monster Squad (shown here), screens Tuesday at the Alamo. Image courtesy TriStar Pictures/Everett Collection

ARTS Pick: Wolfman’s Got Nards

Monster smash: When it was released in 1987, The Monster Squad was deemed a monster dud. But during a series of anniversary screenings and Q&As 30 years later, the cast and crew were shocked and delighted to learn that the horror film had become a cult classic. That realization inspired Andre Gower, one of the […]

Photo: Skyclad Aerial

Future code: How will a tech boom change the city?

By Sydney Halleman It’s 10am on the Downtown Mall, and already the sounds of demolition flood the area. Pedestrians stream past Mudhouse Coffee and The Whiskey Jar, and a few glance at the tall fence erected recently across the walkway, and the signs that read, “Do not trespass. Construction site.” Machinery looms over the area […]