Stone’s Throw, designed in 1952 by New York-based celebrity architect Edward Durell Stone. A single-story home that’s split into two levels, it underwent a renovation in 2016, when it was sold for the first time.
Photo: Stephen Barling

Modern living: Five local houses that break with tradition

Architects in Charlottesville have big shoes to fill—founding-father-sized shoes. Our town is often represented by one of two iconic buildings designed by Jefferson: one private (Monticello) and one public (the Rotunda). Each has an outsized influence on what folks generally expect local architecture to look like. In the middle of the last decade, a debate […]

Last June, police arrested several community activists who were protesting the conviction of Corey Long.  Photo: Eze Amos

Worth the wait: We need the Police Civilian Review Board

After nearly nine months of work, the Police Civilian Review Board is finalizing its initial bylaws. The proposed model would require the city to hire up to two full-time professional staff members to assist the board in processing and independently investigating complaints against Charlottesville police officers. There has been an understandably high degree of public […]