Photo: Skyclad Aerial

Future code: How will a tech boom change the city?

By Sydney Halleman It’s 10am on the Downtown Mall, and already the sounds of demolition flood the area. Pedestrians stream past Mudhouse Coffee and The Whiskey Jar, and a few glance at the tall fence erected recently across the walkway, and the signs that read, “Do not trespass. Construction site.” Machinery looms over the area […]

Ivy residents will lose the convenience—and community—of Toddsbury when it closes October 11. (Staff Photo)

Repair despair: Ivy’s Toddsbury closes after 25 years

Two days before the October 11 closing of Toddsbury of Ivy, a beloved convenience store in the heart of the small western Albemarle community, its parking lot was paved. That’s something the store’s owner says he’s been asking the landlord to do for over a year, and maintenance was a factor in Bruce Kirtley’s decision […]

The proposed pipeline crossing of the Appalachian Trail would occur at the Augusta/Nelson county line north of Reeds Gap and west of the Wintergreen Resort, near Three Ridges Overlook. Photo: Jack Looney

Trail nix: The Dominion pipeline should not be allowed to cross the Appalachian Trail

“Dominion’s pipeline would permanently affect the trail experience on these protected federal lands, carving up a largely forested mountain landscape with a cleared right-of-way the width of a multi-lane highway.” —Jonathan Jarvis, National Park Service director, 2009-2107 By Jonathan Jarvis Dominion Energy wants to run a massive pipeline across America’s treasured Appalachian National Scenic Trail […]