Tigers Be Still is up at Live Arts through December 12.

ARTS Pick: Tigers Be Still

Rescue zoo: Sherry Wickman is on the way to achieving her professional dreams when she moves back home and faces a fruitless job search and the family dynamics that set her on the path to becoming a therapist. Relatives retreat into their anxiety and, as they struggle, a tiger escapes from the zoo, prowling freely […]

Laraj "LT" Thomas performs on stage at the Sprint Pavillion as an opener for Jacquees in September, 2019.

Work and passion: The search for hip-hop success

Music reflects the spirit of a community. With each new generation, artists must find ways to keep the music they create playing around town. In the Charlottesville area, a small but dedicated group of people keeps the hip-hop scene thriving. Musicians like Channing “Mr. Gray” Gray and Malcolm “Waasi” Wills work with a variety of […]