Sarah Lawson


Speculative memoir

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Some favorite books from 2022

Reading the body

Brian Teare examines chronic illness through poetry in reissue

Life and death in Italy

Maggie O’Farrell’s The Marriage Portrait explores the beast within

Firmament of referentiality

UVA professor and poet Kiki Petrosino expands her story through prose

Leaders and lessons learned 

Beth Macy stays focused on America’s overdose crisis in Raising Lazarus

Local author Emma Rathbone stays focused with Losing It

Writing a novel isn’t easy by most measures, but it’s said that your second novel is where the anxiety really kicks...

Chris Keup launches music publishing company Salinger Songs

It’s no secret that Chris Keup’s White Star Sound studio has a knack for producing stellar tracks for local as well...

Matthew Gatto’s Parlor of Horrors seeks new home

When was the last time you fell asleep thinking about monsters in the other room? For most of us, that thought fades...

Bronwen Dickey talks pit bulls at the Charlottesville...

Though books about dogs never go out of fashion, popular dog breeds change over time. After all, it wasn’t so very...