Sarah Lawson


Digging into sound

Bonnie Gordon’s Voice Machines is sensory, contemplative, and visionary

Mastering the mind

Exploring ideas of healing through history, memoir, and art

Top cat

Henry Hoke on his new novel, queer passion, and apex predators

Quieter than the cacophony

New book explores the radical hope of nurses

Mushroom for everyone

Frank Hyman on foraging for fungi and meaning

A signature scent

New zine celebrates area venues, beginning with the tea house

Pushing the boundaries

Polly Stewart’s The Good Ones explores small-town intrigue

‘Dialogues with the future’

Collaborators pair writing and painting in illuminated book Small Pieces

Evidence of transformation

New poetry by Irène Mathieu examines the human journey

Complicating the narrative

Rachel Beanland sifts through aftermath of the 1811 Richmond Theater fire