PICK: Thirty-Seven

Staying active: As a part of the Charlottesville Player’s Guild’s Amplify season, Leslie M. Scott-Jones’ play...

Tunnel vision

Documentary tells story of creation, re-creation

Golden games

A rundown of this year’s best-picture Oscar nominations

PICK: Mike Nichols

Following directions: Mike Nichols’ beginnings as an improv comedian in 1950s Chicago informed his long career as a...


Hitting the high notes: Though the Metropolitan Opera house remains dark, the talent from its stages is still beaming...

PICK: Equinox

Safety dance: “Well, everybody’s dancin’ in a ring around the sun,” sang the Grateful Dead. Seems that vibe is right...

Letting it flow

Charlottesville Black Arts Collective’s “Water” sends a ripple of emotion

Rockin’ stout

Cradle a craft cup ‘o boozy mud this March

Music, mystery, memory

A sneak peak of this year's Virginia Festival of the Book

Small-town noir

S.A. Cosby sets his latest crime thriller in the rural South