Joe Bargmann

Della Bennett’s brie-stuffed acorn squash will warm you up on a winter’s day. Photo: Morgan Salyer

Recipe: Baked acorn squash with a twist

We usually present a dessert in The Last Bite, the department title of the last page of Knife & Fork magazine. But in our winter 2019/20 issue, we switched it up with an exclusive sweet/savory/hearty twist on classic baked acorn squash. Chef Della Bennett of Plenty, the fine home-cooking delivery service, recommends the creation as […]

Jefferson’s country home, Poplar Forest, is an architectural masterpiece—and a great place to drink wine. Photo: Stephen Barling

Out and about: Living, food, and drink events

How sweet it is Pollinator education and honey will be on tap Thursday, November 14, at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters. Diego DeCorte of The Elysium Honey Co. will make a presentation about the plight of the honeybee and possible solutions to rebuild the dwindling population. A tasting will reveal the range of flavors that honey can […]

Jason Becton and Patrick Evans, owners of the MarieBette Café & Bakery, reaffirmed their commitment to one another while moving to their new home with their daughters and two dogs. Photo: Rob Garland

Home sweet home: Cottage please!

Moving is stressful. Moving to an old place that needs a gut renovation is more stressful. Fighting with your spouse every step of the way? That’s a major test. Jason Becton and Patrick Evans, owners of the beloved MarieBette Café & Bakery, were at odds about their new place. “Jason wanted nothing to do with […]

The Monticello Hotel, designed by Stanhope Johnson, opened in 1923 and featured a lavish dining room. It is now the 500 Court Square apartment building. Photo: Courtesy Carolyn Gills Frasier

Landmark maker: Architect Stanhope Johnson’s local legacy

Stanhope Spencer Johnson doesn’t pop to the top of the list for most architectural historians, but the Lynchburg-based designer was remarkably prolific in his seven-decade career, and some of his better work—including two buildings on the National Register of Historic Places—can be found in Charlottesville. No one knows Johnson’s work better than our own Carolyn […]

The Tenth Street Warehouses project encompasses Peloton Station restaurant and bike shop, a new outpost of the Mudhouse, and a handful of apartments, along with more commercial and residential space in the former Coke bottling factory. Photo: Stephen Barling

Sense and the city: A Charlottesville developer chooses preservation with a retro-modern twist

The concept of urban placemaking surfaced in the 1960s, when writer and activist Jane Jacobs successfully led the fight to block a planned highway through New York’s Greenwich Village, and urban planner William “Holly” Whyte began the Street Life Project, documenting how built environments shaped the way people behave and interact. Today, Jacobs’ The Death […]