Sprint Pavilion

Kendall Street Company jams at Fridays After Five this week. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Kendall Street Company

Happy at home: A rhythm guitar-centric band with a monster sax player that formed through late-night sessions at the University of Virginia might sound like a familiar backstory, but this six-piece rock act founded in 2013 relies on original, epic jams to cut its own swath through the East Coast venue map. Kendall Street Company […]

Rodrigo y Gabriela perform at the Pavilion on Wednesday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Acoustic ascent: The 20-year career of Rodrigo y Gabriela has played out as deftly as the acoustic rock duo’s music. Meeting in Mexico as teenagers, Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero became a couple and formed a rock band. After growing frustrated with local opportunities, they took up residency in Dublin, Ireland, where they perfected their […]