McGuffey Art Center

McGuffey Art Center is currently closed due to the COVID-19 virus, so here are some images from Renee Balfour’s “New Work” exhibition, currently up at the gallery. Courtesy of the artist

Sculpture and shadows: Renee Balfour’s “New Work” evokes a haunting stillness

By Ramona Martinez The 11 wood sculptures that make up Renee Balfour’s “New Work” at McGuffey Art Center have a haunting stillness. Hung around the main gallery, some white and some unpainted, they are reminiscent of bones and fossilized plants—like prehistoric objects suspended in time. The exhibition is full of contradictions, or maybe polarities: seemingly […]

Gabriel Allan while at work on his sculpture “The Messenger,” circa 2007. Image courtesy of the Allan family

October galleries

An artist’s journey The night Alp Isin heard that his friend and fellow artist Gabriel Allan passed away, he couldn’t stop thinking about Allan’s sculptures. Though Isin had seen “a bunch” of Allan’s pieces, covering a range of times and places, he “wasn’t sure what the totality was. That day, that night, I got this […]