Little Graves

The members of Little Graves, Luis Soler, Geoff Otis and Les Whittaker, take listeners on an emotional journey through noise-punk instrumentals strewn with samples of field recordings. Little Graves plays Magnolia House on Saturday at 7pm. Photo by Tristan Williams

Punk rock just comes natural to Little Graves

Luis Soler bought his first guitar for $30. It was a pawn shop find, “the worst possible guitar,” he says while nursing a pint of beer at Champion Brewing Company on Halloween eve. “Metallica,” “Slayer” and other metal band names were scratched into the guitar’s paint, says Soler, prompting throaty laughter from his Little Graves […]

Floom plays a farewell show Sunday at the Bridge, with special guests Gull and Little Graves. Publicity photo

Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Floom

Maxx Katz won a SOUP grant in 2016 that became instrumental in launching her project Floom, leading indirectly to Sunday’s release of Multi-Voice of the Immensity, a 38-minute track of flute, doomy guitar and voices. “If a performer rings their heart like a bell, it starts ringing everyone else’s,” Katz told C-VILLE after the win. […]