Chris Register

“A gale blasted the tent with sudden, extreme force, ripping up the stakes and prying up the floor and rolling the shelter onto its side before I had time to scream,” Earl Swift writes. Illustration: John Garrison

“I was about to die!” Three writers recount terrifying close calls.

Exploring outdoors, whether in a city or the wilds, can be relaxing, exhilarating, ennobling—and sometimes, extremely dangerous. We’re not talking about the kind of danger one knowingly faces, for instance, during an extreme undertaking like climbing Everest, where 11 people have died in 2019. Most injuries and even fatal incidents occur during much more low-key […]

A man and his rig: When fully laden with gear, Register’s bike weighs 125 pounds. Photo: Eze Amos

Riding lessons: A cyclist learns a lot about himself—and America—on an epic tour

On six-week jaunts over several years, Charlottesville’s Chris Register crisscrossed the country on his bike, interviewing people for his book series Conversations With US: Two Wheels, Fifty States, Hundreds of Voices, One America. The first volume, published in early 2019, is based on his 1,916-mile trip through the Midwest and Great Lakes states. Here, he […]