C-VILLE’s most-read stories of 2016

C-VILLE’s most-read stories of 2016

In honor of saying good-bye to 2016, here’s a rundown of the 16 most-read stories published on our website in the last year. Sole mates: Anthony Gill will rock Jordans for the big day Heroin overdose: Friends grieve 25-year-old’s death Sunny Ortiz of Widespread Panic on what’s next after 30 years Concealed-carry rattles some ACAC members Serve-yourself bar […]

Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters via Zuma Press

2016: the wild ride is almost over

So here’s the thing: There’s always going to be a worse year. 1347, when the bubonic plague erupted across Europe, beginning a pandemic that would eventually eliminate at least a third of the existent human population, is right up there. 1862, when the devastating charnel house of the American Civil War reached a destructive peak, […]