Summer treat: The secret to Whiskey Jar’s perfect tomato sammy

Summer treat: The secret to Whiskey Jar’s perfect tomato sammy

What makes the perfect tomato sandwich? We think The Whiskey Jar serves one of the best in town, so we went straight to the source. “I and my entire staff wait all year long for the tomatoes to come back,” says owner Will Richey. “It is heresy to use an out-of-season tomato and simply stupid. It is the one item on the menu that is most talked about and craved by all. And I have to say there really is something wonderful about it.” Here’s what he says about crafting a tomato sammy that’s totally craveable.

“The three most important parts I think are undebatable:

“First is the perfect tomato. The tomato must be perfectly ripened and fresh, preferability an heirloom variety, of which
I believe the Cherokee Purple to be the most flavorful and the best for the perfect tomato sandwich.

“One wants a firm-fleshed tomato with good texture, not too watery and not too seedy. They must be sliced fresh to order and never refrigerated.

“Secondly, and equally undeniable as the perfect tomato, is the seasoning. It must be salted evenly. A little black pepper is optional.

“Third on the list of undeniable truths of the perfect tomato sandwich is Duke’s mayonnaise. This must be applied to the bread thickly and evenly to the edges.

“The debate revolves around the bread. It must be white bread for certain, but we use a really good, locally made country white bread from Goodwin Creek Farm and we griddle the bread lightly in butter to give it some crunch and texture. Perhaps not ideally classic, but we think it makes for the perfect tomato sandwich.”