Savvy Rest at the BRHBA Home Show

Savvy Rest at the BRHBA Home Show

By: Liz Aivazis

Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom sponsored the Blue Ridge Home Builders Association Home Show at the John Paul Jones Arena this past weekend. Attendees saw our natural products right when they walked in. It was an exciting opportunity for us to show our organic mattresses and our new organic sofas, loveseats and armchairs to the Charlottesville community. We met so many parents, professionals, children—even babies. The event itself was filled with colorful exhibits: a blow-up termite, a Frozen-themed bounce house and an intricate garden display. We gave away an organic pillow every hour during the event and one lucky person won a free mattress!

Several people we spoke with had never heard of organic mattresses and were excited to learn about an alternative to mainstream mattresses that are sprayed with harsh and unhealthy chemicals. We unzipped our organic cotton and wool mattress casings and showed the layers of natural latex so that attendees could get an understanding of how safe and unique our products are. We use certified organic wool instead of chemical flame retardants so that we pass federal fire regulations in a safe manner. Wool acts as a natural fire barrier so there is no need to breathe in harmful chemicals.

The home show was the local debut of our new customizable platform bed, the Esmont. Each of our natural platform beds is made right down the road from our store in Ivy. We use a variety of low- and zero-VOC finishes, and no tools are required for assembly.

Visitors also enjoyed relaxing on our new locally made organic sofas. Made with natural latex and organic fabrics, our furniture is available in 15 colors for cotton, five colors for hemp/cotton blend and five colors for hemp. Customers can also choose between softer and firmer latex cushions. It was incredibly encouraging to see people’s positive reactions to our sofas as they commented on their comfort and style.

Overall, we enjoyed meeting everyone at the home show! It was a fantastic way to reach out to the community and share all the organic products we have to offer. We witnessed enthusiasm and curiosity when people were introduced to the benefits natural products can bring to a home.

Interested in seeing our products for yourself? Stop by our store on Route 250 West in Ivy.

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