Restaurants open on Christmas Day

By Sam Padgett

Contrary to popular belief, for the holidays, you can beat home sweet home. While the world seems to shut down on Christmas Day for family bagel breakfasts and traditional roast beef dinners, there are still a few places to eat for those who either don’t celebrate Christmas or want a temporary respite from their wrapping paper-covered floors (and washing pots and pans). Here’s what’ll be open in Charlottesville on December 25:

Peter Chang’s China Grill

2162 Barracks Road

Open 11am to 10pm

We don’t know about you, but the dry fried eggplant dish from this Chinese with a Sichuan spin spot was on our Christmas list.


TJ’s Tavern

Double Tree Hotel

990 Hilton Heights Rd.

Buffet from noon to 5pm, reservations required



1519 University Ave.

This 24 hour gas station/ fast food joint will be stocked with snacks and sandwiches as usual.


IHop and Waffle House

Whether your allegiance lies with pancakes or waffles, both IHOP (1740 Rio Hill Center) and Waffle House (1162 Fifth St. SW and 495 Premier Circle) will be open on Christmas Day.