Pure love: A morning yoga session takes the edge off

Pure love: A morning yoga session takes the edge off

It goes without saying that planning a wedding is stressful. And, on the day of the big day, the nerves are at an all-time high. Enter Liz Reynolds, who in 2014 started offering a yoga service to keep the jitters at a minimum.

Reynolds had recently moved to town and, as a former professional dancer turned yoga/meditation/movement teacher, wanted to bring yoga to the Charlottesville community without opening “yet another yoga studio,” she says. “Plus, many of my friends were starting to get married and I immediately recognized how stressful the process could be for them.” Zen Bride Yoga was born.

The service brings the yoga to you—mats, props, music and essential oils included—for a 60-minute class. And it’s not just for the star of the show; the bridal party is invited, too.

At Rebecca Vauter’s wedding in October 2017, about 20 of her friends and family attended the class, an all-levels vinyasa session.

“It was the perfect way to start the day,” Vauter says. “Relaxing and fun at the same time.” She says Reynolds created a calm, friendly vibe—just as it should be.

“The practice of yoga is meant to connect us deeper to living moment by moment and to help us remember our true nature,” Reynolds says, “which is pure love.”