Tarron Richardson met the local press April 15, and said he has no fear about sitting in the city manager hot seat.
Eze Amos

New city manager wants open-door policy

City Council introduced its pick to be the city’s top executive April 15, and Mayor Nikuyah Walker urged citizens to be open to moving past “the way things have been done.” Tarron Richardson, currently city manager of DeSoto, Texas, a Dallas suburb, was chosen out of 37 candidates in a process that’s taken almost a […]

Vets must cross six lanes of traffic and walk a 570-foot uphill path to get to the Dogwood Vietnam Memorial (with flagpoles, above).Skyclad AERIAL

Out of reach: Vets say Vietnam memorial is inaccessible

Charlottesville’s Dogwood Vietnam Memorial, dedicated in 1966, was one of the first memorials to Vietnam veterans in the country. When the John Warner Parkway was built, the memorial was improved and is now visible to those driving by. The problem, say veterans, is getting to it. In an 18-page letter to City Council, former mayor […]

RVA’s stormwater planters function like an elevated rain garden. Photo: Stephen Barling

Water works

By Bonnie Price Lofton If rainwater doesn’t seep, sponge-like, into the soil around us, it runs away somewhere. In Charlottesville, where much of the ground is covered with impermeable asphalt, it runs into stormwater drainage systems, ditches, and streams that eventually lead into the Rivanna River. That creates two problems: first, without earth to filter […]

No, you’re not in California. These jars of bud are industrial hemp for sale at Higher Education on West Main Street. Staff photo

New bud in town: Is hemp flower legal?

It looks like bud. It smells like high-grade reefer. Its different strains have names like Frostbite and Pink Panther. And after Darryl Rojas bought some hemp flower at Higher Education on West Main Street, he had the police at his door, just as he might if he were smoking fully loaded cannabis here in Virginia. […]