Julian Stahelin, a third-grader at Free Union Country School, with Alex Zan, one of the Charlottesville 12 who integrated city schools in 1959. Photo: Eze Amos

Seeds of change: Third-graders highlight community leaders

Think back to third grade. You might remember learning multiplication tables, memorizing vocabulary words, or a brief, possibly confusing poetry unit. The third graders of Free Union Country School might remember something a little different-—sitting down for a conversation with a community leader. Blair Amberly, the Free Union third grade teacher, matched all 14 of […]

The recent increase of a life-threatening heart condition among dogs—and the suspicion that it may be related to grain-free diets—has led pet owners to question what to feed their animals.

Grains of truth: Are fad diets harming pets?

Pet owners face a perplexing variety of food choices for their animals. From national staples to obscure boutique brands, there are dozens of options, each trying to earn your loyalty. Pet diets, like those of humans, are subject to trends and fads with little nutritional basis. In recent years, the burgeoning market of grain-free foods […]