Live From the DNC: The Grand Finale

Live From the DNC: The Grand Finale

I’m going to save more in-depth analysis of the convention as a whole for a later post after I’ve had some sleep. But briefly, my impression of Obama’s speech is that he made a compelling case against the Romney-Ryan worldview. It had more substance than Romney’s soft-focus slice of apple pie, to say the least. I never expected to say this, but I think my favorite speech of the evening was John Kerry’s. So many zingers!

Earlier in the day, we saw a colossal downpour put an end to whatever debate there was about the decision to move to an indoor venue. I got to break out my pink Planned Parenthood-provided condom-poncho (my phrasing, not theirs).

As soon as I arrived at the convention hall, I spotted the glittering hat of TX-10 Congressional candidate Tawana Cadien, who graciously posed for a photo:

I grabbed a seat in my high-altitude section, then nearly lost it when I got stuck in a comically-long food line (thanks to my seatmates for the save!). Surprisingly, a few non-media people in my row had just scored tickets this week. A friendly woman next to me named Talia had just flown in the day before from Arizona, and a couple college students got lucky somehow. They all seemed elated by the evening, the students describing it as “energizing.”

I’m flying home tomorrow, but will write a postmortem at some point. For more, you know the drill: @SorensenJen