K&F: Brasserie Saison’s Tyler Teass is excited about spring peas (plus: recipe!)

Brasserie Saison's Tyler Teass is looking forward to a salad-heavy spring menu. Photo: John Robinson Brasserie Saison’s Tyler Teass is looking forward to a salad-heavy spring menu. Photo: John Robinson

What says spring cuisine more than a salad? Answer: nothing.

“I looooove salads,” says chef Tyler Teass. And it shows. From simple greens to grilled endives, his Brasserie Saison menu is overflowing with them (“and I plan on keeping it that way,” he says). But it’s this one, with peas both snap and snow, that he’s looking forward to including this season at downtown’s new Franco-Belgian spot.

“Peas and pork and cheese go well together,” says the former Clifton Inn sous chef. “The snap peas pick up a lot of flavor from the grill and all the other things just complement them.”

Photo: John Robinson
Photo: John Robinson

Grilled pea salad with yogurt, ’nduja dressing and herbs

1 pint sugar snap peas

1 cup snow peas

1/2 cup yogurt

1/2 lb. ’nduja sausage

5 mint leaves

5 dill sprigs

1 lemon

Parmigiano cheese

Olive oil

Simple syrup

Apple cider vinegar

Salt (to taste)

Clean the snap peas and trim off the ends. Grill them lightly over medium-high heat until lightly charred and just cooked. Clean the snow peas and slice them into a very fine julienne.

For ’nduja dressing:

Place ’nduja sausage in a food processor and mix with a little bit of olive oil until homogenous. Season with apple cider vinegar. Reserve at room temperature.

For lemon confit:

Slice lemons into very thin slices. Pour hot simple syrup over them and reserve.

For plating:

Spoon yogurt on the bottom of a bowl. Toss the grilled peas with lemon juice, salt and olive oil. Place on top of the yogurt. Place slices of lemon confit on the peas. Drizzle with ’nduja dressing, then grate Parmigiano over the salad. Top with fresh mint and dill leaves, then toss the snow pea julienne with lemon juice and use as a garnish.