“Dallas,” “Suits,” “The Glass House”


Wednesday 9pm, TNT
It’s time to return to Southfork Ranch as TNT brings back the Ewings. “Dallas” was a huge hit for CBS starting in 1978, and had a profound impact on pop culture during its 13-season run. This new series will continue the continuity of the original, with returning cast Patrick Duffy (Bobby), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen), Charlene Tilton (Lucy), and perhaps most importantly Larry Hagman as that bastard J.R. They’ll be joined by Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe—playing J.R. and Bobby’s sons, respectively—as well as Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious) and Brenda Strong (Mary Alice from “Desperate Housewives”). Honestly, I just hope this hits so that they’ll greenlight a revival of my favorite ’80s primetime soap, “Dynasty.” Now cue up that bitchin’ theme song!

Thursday 10pm, USA Network
Over the past five years or so USA has been killing it in the summer-programming department, with likable, well-made shows like “Psych,” “”Burn Notice,” “White Collar,” and “Covert Affairs.” One show that might have slipped your radar is “Suits,” a legal drama (yes, another one) about a lawyer with loose personal morals but rigid legal ethics and his brilliant associate who is hiding the fact that he never actually got his law degree. The show has its own style and charm, especially thanks to lead Gabriel Macht (his hotness is the only reason to watch the awful, insane film version of The Spirit) and the always fabulous Gina Torres (“Alias,” “Angel,” “Firefly”). Season 2 starts this week.

“The Glass House”
Monday 10pm, ABC
This new reality series locks 14 strangers in a house with heavy surveillance, puts them through a series of tasks, and whittles them down until one of them wins $250,000. Sound similar to “Big Brother”? CBS sure thought so, and last month it filed a lawsuit claiming copyright violation. ABC’s argument is that “House” is fundamentally different because the contestants don’t make decisions on who stays and goes—that ultimately falls to the viewing audience. Assuming this makes it on air, look for contestants to include a pretty boy who dredges rivers for gold, a single mom and former Playboy model who enjoys playing Pac-Man, a 48-year-old double-jointed bar mitzvah DJ, and a formerly homeless man who is now a certified life coach, magician, and rapper. I’m pulling for the self-effacing cocktail waitress with psoriasis and major law school debt. I can’t make this shit up.