In brief: Ticked off, non-Klan events and more

In brief: Ticked off, non-Klan events and more

Unstoppable Brogdon

Photo Matt Riley

UVA alum Malcolm Brogdon was named NBA Rookie of the Year last week. He plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, and is the first second-round pick to receive the award. No word on how many rookies have two college degrees, including a master’s in public policy.

Monticello hacked

The Charlottesville Municipal Band presents the Family Pops concert on Saturday at the Pavilion. The concert is free, despite the band’s recent loss of funding. Photo: Jack Looney
Photo Jack Looney

A cyberattack on Jefferson’s home early June 27 took down computers and phones. Although not connected with the international ransomware attack last week, hackers demanded cash to restore service. Visitors were able to buy tickets in person, and the July 4 naturalization ceremony proceeded.

“What the hell is happening in Charlottesville?”—RVA Magazine

Road rage revenge

A new law that went into effect July 1 imposes a $100 fine on the maddeningly slow drivers who refuse to relinquish the left lane, although how this will be enforced remains a little hazy.

Speaking of hazy

Another new law gives judges discretion in suspending driver’s licenses of adults caught with minimal amounts of marijuana, rather than the mandatory smoke-a-joint, lose-your-license legislation that’s held sway for years, although 50 hours of community service may be required.

Extension granted

After more than a year of construction, the $54.5 million, 2.3-mile Berkmar Drive Extended, which runs parallel to Seminole Trail, opened over the weekend. Now you can drive from the former Shoppers World (now called 29th Place) up to CHO without ever setting wheels on 29. Additional lanes make the new road biking- and walking-friendly.

Ticked off

Experts say 2017 is shaping up to be the worst tick season in awhile, thanks to 2015 being a bounty year for acorns, which produced a boom of mice in 2016, which led to this year’s bumper crop of tiny bloodsuckers, according to Slate. Locally we have three common culprits.

Lone Star Tick (Amblyomma americanum) on a white backgroundLone star tick

  • Most common cause of tick bites in Virginia
  • Transmits ehrlichiosis if attached for 24 hours
  • Look for fever, headache, vomiting

Three American Dog Ticks (Dermacentor variabilis) isolated on white background.Dog tick

  • One in 1,000 carries Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Must feed 10 to 20 hours to transmit
  • Look for sudden fever, muscle pain, headache, vomiting
  • Spotted rash on wrists and ankles may appear


Also commonly found on cats and dogs!

Blacklegged tick

  • Aka deer tick
  • Transmits Lyme disease
  • Look for bull’s eye rash three to 30 days after infectious bite

How to fight back

  • Use repellent with DEET. Most botanicals don’t work that well.
  • Clothes may be treated with permethrin, a pesticide derived from chrysanthemums.
  • Do a full-body check after being in potential tick-infested areas.
  • Remove ticks with tweezers.
  • Flush them or put them in a sealed container.
  • Cleanse bite area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
  • Mark date on calendar should symptoms appear.
  • Most tick infections can be treated with antibiotics.

—Virginia Department of Health

Alternative activities to the July 8 Klan rally at Justice Park

Meditation, education and discussion

9 to 11am

Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

Celebration of Indigenous Achievement

10am to 1pm

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of UVA

Community potluck

11:30am to 1pm

IX Art Park

Faith counter-demonstration

1 to 5pm

First United Methodist Church

Unity Day concert

with We Are Star Children, Chamomile and Whiskey, Crystal Garden and local multi-faith choirs

2 to 5pm

Sprint Pavilion

NAACP rally

2 to 5pm

Jack Jouett Middle School

Musicians mobilized against the Klan

2 to 10pm

Downtown Mall

More Unity Day concert

Grits & Gravy Dance Party 

10pm to midnight

The Jefferson Theater

Updated July 6 with additional alt activities.