In brief: ‘Jihadist Threat,’ local government responsiveness and more

Neighborhoods voice their concerns in a Smart Cville survey. Courtesy of Smart Cville Neighborhoods voice their concerns in a Smart Cville survey. Courtesy of Smart Cville

Chief of economic development splits

While Albemarle County is all about economic development these days, Faith McClintic lasted 19 months before departing, and cited frustration working with the Board of Supervisors as one reason for taking a job with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership in Richmond, according to Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Not Republican enough?

Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville co-chair George Benford faces fire again, this time from state Senator Tom Garrett, the GOP candidate for the 5th District, for being featured as a lifelong Republican in an ad for Dem Jane Dittmar. Garrett says Benford has contributed to Democrats the past 15 years. Benford defends his GOPness and says he supports Donald Trump—and Dittmar, the Daily Progress reports.

Understanding the Greene County threat

Sheriff Steve Smith stepped into hot water when he posted that his office would host a November 5 seminar on Islam called Understanding the Threat. Critics were unappeased when he renamed it Understanding the Jihadist Threat, and they claimed it would be biased, especially after learning there are no Muslims on the panel. PVCC, where the event is being held, has joined in the outrage.

The talk of the town

Charlottesville’s open data cheerleader, Smart Cville, founded by resident Lucas Ames, surveyed representatives of 16 local neighborhoods about residents’ biggest concerns and the rate of responsiveness of local government to those issues.

According to Smart Cville’s findings, traffic, development/zoning, crime and pedestrian/biking issues top residents’ list of concerns.

Which public problems seem the most pressing based on association meetings, public comment and your own personal opinion?

Ranked in order, residents are also concerned about:

  • Parks/public spaces
  • Other
  • Parking
  • Gentrification
  • Education, affordable housing and environmental/sustainability
  • Economic equity
  • Economic development, beautification and public transportation

Participating neighborhoods

  • Rose Hill
  • Johnson Village
  • Venable
  • Greenbrier
  • Lewis Mountain
  • Little High
  • Woolen Mills
  • Starr Hill
  • Belmont-Carlton
  • Ridge Street
  • North Downtown
  • Burnet Commons
  • Fry’s Spring
  • Robinson Woods
  • Meadows
  • Martha Jefferson

City staff is responsive to problems



Don’t know—5%

City Council is responsive to problems



Don’t know—15%

Quote of the week:

“People going to court aren’t necessarily in  a shopping or movie-going mode.” Supervisor Norman Dill on Albemarle’s discussions to move its courts from downtown to spur economic development, Charlottesville Tomorrow reports.