Best local radio personality 2013: Brad Savage

Photo: Sarah Jane Winter Photo: Sarah Jane Winter

Brad Savage

Pam Garrison

In music, a “sweet spot” is a term used to describe the point between two speakers where a musician is able to hear the audio mix just as the mixer hears it. For The Corner, the sweet spot is that segment of Charlottesville listeners who want music that’s newer than classic rock, but older than poppy top 40, and the man responsible for such programming, Brad Savage, takes the top slot by finding that niche every morning from 6-11am. Madison County native Pam Garrison, this year’s runner-up, takes to the country airwaves every morning on 99.7 WCYK.


What’s Brad passionate about in Charlottesville?

1. Bang! Tapas and in particular, their Spicy Thai Beef—you just can’t beat it, and this is one of my (many!) favorite restaurants in town!
2. Scouring the “New Arrivals” for used Vinyl and CD’s at Sidetracks Music and Plan 9… and also worthy of mention is the new all-vinyl store downtown, “Melody Supreme”.
3. Cheerwine Soda is sold here, and you can often find it in the glass bottles with real cane sugar! Nothing like it—it’s a North Carolina/Southern thing! Yayfor Cheerwine!
4. The ACAC Waterpark. In the summertime. Walkable distance from home. In a humid Virginia summer this is a necessity!
5. Dan Schutte’s newscasts on CBS-19. I am a big fan of this guy. He is great. And not just because he (like me) is a Native Minnesotan. It’s because he is the news, he’s like our own version of Ron Burgundy.