Best of 2016
Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best place to buy wine 2013: Market Street Wineshops

Market Street Wineshops 311 E. Market St. 305 Rivanna Plaza Dr., Suite 102 964-9463 Runner-up: Trader Joe’s Stonefield Shopping Center 974-1466 For nearly 30 years, Market Street Wineshops have served as not only the best place to buy wine (there’s more than 1,200 wines in stock), but also to learn about it, through […]

Best music venue 2013: The Jefferson Theater

The Jefferson Theater 110 E. Main St. 245-4980 Runner-up: nTelos Wireless Pavilion 700 E. Main St. 245-4910 The history of The Jefferson Theater starts with a bang and a whimper: In 1912, it was conceived as a “combination house,” doubling as a vaudeville and silent movie theater. These days, it’s pretty rare to […]

Best physical therapist 2013: ACAC Physical Therapy

ACAC Physical Therapy Albemarle Square 817-4278 Runner-up: Pantops Physical Therapy 1490 Pantops Mountain Rd. #202 245-6472 What’s the biggest muscle in the human body? The buttocks muscle. We’ll spare you the “pain in the butt” jokes, because physical therapy is no laughing matter. And readers know when they want to get serious about […]

Photo: John Robinson

Best place to board your pet 2013: Pampered Pets

Pampered Pets 601 Concord Ave. 293-7387 Runner-up: All Things Pawssible 706 Henry Ave. 972-7297 According to Guinness World Records, the tiniest dog is a 4″ Chihuahua named Boo Boo. That’s about half an inch shorter than an iPhone 4, so we’d imagine her owner has a pretty hard time boarding her anywhere for […]

Best bank 2013: UVA Community Credit Union

UVA Community Credit Union 3300 Berkmar Dr. 300 Preston Ave. 1018 W. Main St. 325 Four Leaf Ln. (Crozet) 220 Wayles Ln. (Crozet) 964-2000 Runner-up: Wells Fargo 123 E. Main St. 244-3900 2100 Ivy Rd. 984-1301 901 Emmet St. N 984-3710 In India, many temples have ATMs installed inside so you can make […]

Photo: Jack Looney

Best winery 2013: King Family Vineyards

King Family Vineyards 6550 Roseland Farm (Crozet) 823-7800 Runner-up: Veritas Vineyard & Winery 151 Veritas Ln. (Afton) (540) 456-8000 You know how, at a pig roast, people sometimes say the pig gave its life so that we could eat? Well, for every bottle of wine you drink, approximately 2.8 pounds of grapes gave […]