Richard DiCicco


Taking the wheel

Middle school principal and teacher helm buses amid driver shortage

Starting strong

New teachers on why they love their job, and what they’re looking forward to this year

Where the pen is mightier

“Everybody has a story to tell.” That’s the core belief of WriterHouse, according to its Executive Director Sibley...

Barbershop marks 100 years

To commemorate a century in business, His Barber Shop cut it up in April with a barbershop quartet, snacks, and...

Bad, bad, not good

Imagine you get your fortune told and it predicts you’ll get wet shoes. Or your flight will get delayed. Or you’ll...

Honky-tonk at Holly’s

Holly’s Diner on East Market Street offers up affordable eats and acozy bar, but stick around late enough and you’ll...

Tooth and nails

The Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers returned in style after a three-year hiatus. Just before Halloween 2022, the...

Dürty deeds

The Fry’s Spring bar is in the midst of a renaissance


C-VILLE crossword puzzle maker develops new name game

In the smoking section

The haze over Charlottesville is forcing residents to see—and even taste—the global effect