Micah Lemon

Greg Benish buys whiskey for The Whiskey Jar. Photo: RammelkampFoto.

Whiskey business: Locals keeping up with global demand for aged grain spirits

A “global whiskey renaissance”—that’s what the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States is calling the trend in spirits over the last five years. Domestic and international demand for whiskey—bourbon in particular—has forced some of the largest producers to warn consumers of impending shortages, as demand is significantly outpacing supply. U.S. Whiskey exports topped 1 […]

Milli Joe owner and coffee expert Nick Leichentritt didn’t let bartender Micah LeMon go anywhere near the brewing process, but he did share with him some thoughts on how to make the perfect cup. Photo: Martyn Kyle

Milli Joe owner schools coffee-illiterate bartender on how to grind and brew the perfect cup

I spent all of January getting everything in order to open a serious cocktail bar Downtown. Several weeks went into researching what the business’s official and exact position on ice, shaking, dilution, stirring, double straining, etc. should be. I spent another several days discussing this with our staff and figuring out specifically how to implement those […]