Justin Humphreys


Goth primer

Lisa Frankenstein wobbles as an uneven horror comedy

Starvation diet

Society of the Snow is a grueling, gripping survival tale

Godzilla 1, Tokyo 0

Godzilla Minus One achieves gripping drama within a first-rate monster movie

The emperor strikes out

Napoleon’s astonishing battles defeated by a bland central performance

Learning curves

The Holdovers is a wry, touching gem

The bad old days

Killers of the Flower Moon is a stunning, haunting experience

Take a seat

Five films you don’t want to miss at VAFF 2023

Iconoclastic as ever

Kevin Jerome Everson continues his experimental path

Do androids dream?

The Creator is a derivative but outstanding science fiction film

Iron lady

Golda is a mediocre treatment of a gripping premise