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Martin Kumer, superintendent of the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, says “in Virginia, the largest mental health provided in any community is the jail.” He hopes the new mental health docket will change that. Photo by Eze Amos

Proposed court docket would offer treatment programs for incarcerated

Increasingly, jails have become asylums. City and county officials are hoping to change that with a new court docket aimed at diverting people with mental illness from jail by the end of the year. The therapeutic docket follows 18 months of data gathering by the local Evidence-Based Decision-Making Policy Team, which found that 23.1 percent […]

The meeting was an attempt to shed light on the city’s recent move to develop a form-based code that could be applied to many of the residential units—and numerous other mixed-use and commercial buildings—within the Strategic Investment Area, such as Friendship Court.

A new type of zoning worries residents

A new form of proposed zoning has some in the city on edge, worried that it could be used to force out poorer residents. Nearly 200 people attended an information session last week at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center to learn about form-based code, a different type of zoning ordinance that focuses on a […]

Stacy Pethia, hired as the city’s housing program coordinator in August, says she thinks the money—$2.3 million—in the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund could be “used more effectively.” The developer of The Uncommon paid $331,450 into the fund. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Unaffordable housing: Developers pay to not build affordable units

Sharonda Poindexter-Rose is a 24-year-old single mother who works as a server at a local restaurant. She lives in a one-bedroom home, and as she’s looked for a two-bedroom place over the last several months, she’s discovered a harsh reality. “It is so expensive out here, it’s ridiculous,” says Poindexter-Rose. In the last six years, […]

Rory Carpenter, who works in the city’s human services department, is seeking a grant to compile information from different sectors of the criminal justice system. File photo

City receives grant to study race in our criminal justice system

Charlottesville City Council moved a step closer last week to launching the most comprehensive study ever undertaken in Virginia on the role race plays in the criminal justice system. The city was recently awarded a $90,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Human Services to begin collecting data on the rate that African-American adults enter […]

Piedmont Housing Alliance CEO Frank Grosch is leading the redevelopment of Friendship Court and says its current level of maintenance service is “not okay.”
Photo Jack Looney

Developing their future: Friendship Court residents want more say

A group of Friendship Court residents is pushing back against redevelopment plans, calling for more inclusion as developers move forward with attempts to revamp downtown Charlottesville’s largest subsidized housing neighborhood. The Piedmont Housing Alliance announced last fall that it was purchasing the property with 150 low-income units in 2018 and was transforming it into a large-scale, […]

Early graduates of the city’s GO Driver program, which trains workers for positions employers need to fill, are now working for Charlottesville Area Transit. Photo courtesy City of Charlottesville

City’s job training program eyes expansion after early successes

Last year, George Davis was struggling to make ends meet. The 47-year-old was working as much as possible as a private home care attendant, landscaper and maintenance man. But the work wasn’t steady, and he didn’t always get his paychecks on time. “The money wasn’t what I needed to sustain my rent or food costs,” […]

Hollie Lee, the chief of Workforce Development Strategies in the city’s office of economic development, is enthusiastic about the positive impact former probation officer Cory Demchak can have on unemployment in his role heading up the city’s new job center. Photo: Brianna LaRocco

Charlottesville takes aim at unemployment with new job center

Charlottesville’s fight against unemployment has a new crusader in town. Seated in the city’s new Downtown Job Center, Cory Demchak can be found busily at work in his underground lair in the basement of the public library on Market Street. Demchak mans the just-opened one-stop shop for residents looking for a new job, a better […]

Photo: Jennifer Glass

The full Montpelier: Madison’s mansion gets its day in the sun

It’s 4pm on a Friday, and Matt Reeves hasn’t eaten lunch yet. But the salt-and-pepper-haired director of Montpelier’s archaeology department is bouncing off the walls of his rustic office on the southeast side of the 2,650 acre estate nestled in the rolling fields of Orange County. Reeves is ecstatic because his team of 11 full-time […]

Thanks to a state budget stalemate, the local drug court has been without a designated judge since January, when Circuit Court Judge Edward Hogshire stepped down. Photo: Elli Williams

Deadlock in Richmond leaves local drug court judgeless

The General Assembly’s political dogfight over the state’s budget is threatening to neuter Charlottesville’s drug court. The Medicaid expansion stalemate in Richmond has left Charlottesville’s 16th Circuit Court without a designated judge to oversee the city’s drug court for the first time since it was created 16 years ago. “The longer it goes on, the […]

“We need better tools to determine when people should be cleared to return to play,” said Dr. Jason Druzgal, a neuroradiologist.

Health issue 2014: UVA studies impact of concussions in young athletes

This story is part of our 2014 health issue, which also includes articles on mammography, rhabdomyolysis, and gluten intolerance. Helmet? Check. Shoulder pads? Check. Tiny biometric brain injury sensor? Check. You won’t see the quarter-sized computerized devices tucked behind their ears, but more than 100 local high school and college athletes are donning the sensors […]

Kate Tamarkin conducts Ash Lawn Opera’s Amahl and the Night Visitors, a holiday opera that inspired her as a child.

Amahl and the Night Visitors sets the course for local opera careers

At 11 years old, Kate Tamarkin sat in a dark Laguna Beach, California theater, her mouth gaping, flabbergasted at the boisterous sounds produced by the singers in a performance of Amahl and the Night Visitors. “I had not ever heard opera before,” said Tamarkin, who 40 years later is now the director of the Charlottesville & […]