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Whither modern dad: Does nurturing daughters make men nuts?

Like most parents, I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about how the various things I do might impact my daughter’s emotional and intellectual development because, thanks to social science research, I know that everything I think is good is actually bad. I’m told, for example, I can’t tell my very smart daughter she’s […]

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Germs of endearment: When illness invades

Early last summer, a little over a month after my daughter’s first birthday, my wife and I felt we’d reached a huge milestone: the achievement of a durable and reasonable baby care/work/life balance. After a year of having to improvise our lives on a day-to-day basis, order, routine, and stability were being restored. My daughter […]

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Alimentary canal diary: How I put the “me” in meconium

Like many expectant parents, I was dreading the number one and two responsibilities of raising a baby. The numbers are daunting: According to one source, the average baby requires somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 diaper changes from birth to the successful completion of potty training. Newborns require as many as 12 diaper changes a day. […]

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Enemy at the baby gate: When grandparents go bad

As a new father with no significant prior experience with small children, I worry I’ve missed something big and obvious about infant care. I’ve taken classes and read a little bit here and there, but there’s no substitute for experience. I have a gnawing suspicion there are things I should know that were not covered […]

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Feeling gravity’s Pull-Ups: Being an older dad has its challenges

I’m an older first-time father. My daughter arrived a mere two months before my 50th birthday and my official invitation to join AARP. When my daughter turned six months, I realized I was more than 100 times older than her. Parenthood isn’t easy for anyone, but older parents face some distinct challenges. The downsides of […]