Erin O'Hare

Former C-VILLE Weekly reporter Erin O'Hare joins other talented music writers for a chat about the state of live performance. Photo courtesy of WTJU.

Pick: WTJU’s Radio Talks

Hear and there: It’s a question fans around the world are asking: Where does music go from here? As we navigate a reopening while keeping our distance, how do we commune around our favorite musical acts and enjoy concerts again? How do bands practice, record, and tour safely? What is the impact of our complex […]

Fernando Garay, a master barber, instructor, and owner of House of Cuts Barber Studio, stands outside of his shop, which is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cutting hair isn’t just about style, he says. It’s about taking care of people. Photo by Eric Kelley

Shear temptations: Hair dos…and don’ts 

You’ve thought about it. Looked in the bathroom mirror and considered the scissors in the drawer. Caught your reflection in a car window and wondered if you still have those clippers. Picked up a bowl and contemplated whether those ’90s cuts were all that bad. Per Governor Ralph Northam’s orders, barber shops and salons are […]

Helen (left) and Garnette (right), photographed by Eze Amos for the Cville Porch Portraits project.

Focused group: Porchraits capture residents at a distance 

Two weeks ago, Eze Amos was “bored as hell.” Usually the photographer is running around Charlottesville at all hours, snapping candid shots of everyday life in the city—buskers, beer drinkers, sidewalk chalkers, protesters—shooting weddings, or completing assignments for this newspaper. But with everyone staying home for social distancing, Amos and many other photographers have lost […]

Lee O’Neill of Radical Roots Community Farm is one of many local farmers who has had to get creative with her business and distribution plans this year. Photo by John Robinson

Food web: Local farms find new ways to connect with customers

At this point in the season, farmers have planted potatoes and strawberries. They’ve sown radishes, carrots, beets, and kohlrabi. They’ve transplanted broccoli and onions from interior pots to outdoor beds, and any day now, they’ll put  in the warmer-weather crops like corn and peppers.  But as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam’s […]

March galleries guide

March galleries guide

It’s lit: Billy Hunt at Studio IX Through dexterous utilization of non-traditional lighting techniques such as lasers, LED wands, programmed projections, and various other homemade light sources, photographer Billy Hunt creates transcendent images for his new portrait series. And he does it all without the use of digital editing techniques. Hunt is known for his […]

Mapping the Cosmos

Star gazing: Brian Robinson at the Kluge-Ruhe

Growing up on the Torres Strait Islands of Australia, Brian Robinson drew on walls, windows, the kitchen table, the back fence. “Pretty much everywhere,” he told C-VILLE last month. “That creativity continued to grow and flourish” over decades of art-making, says the artist, who is now in his 40s, and has works in major public […]