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Caroline Spence

Caroline Spence

music Caroline Spence took the stage in blue jeans and a simple white blouse. Her brown hair falling over her shoulders, she flashed a broad smile to the audience. She cradled the acoustic guitar slung in front of her and played her first song of the night, “Happy Go Lucky.” A hearty round of applause […]

Drug prices on campus

The following prices and comments were obtained in an hour-long interview with four female sophomores and one male senior. All five frequently use at least some drugs. The male arrived about 20 minutes after the interview started with a quantity of marijuana, which was quickly loaded in an ornate glass water bong and smoked by […]

Mission impossible

By the time you read this, America will have entered its fifth year of occupation in Iraq. And for what? In the last four years of occupation, Iraq has devolved into one of the most violent places on Earth. Some 3,000 or more Iraqi civilians die violent deaths every month, victims of the insurgency and […]

Next stop: Capitol Hill

Next stop: Capitol Hill

“We’re here to send a message: Stop the war. No more troops,” says Virginia Rovnyak, swaying at the front of the bus in which I’m riding. Forty-five heads nod in agreement. The bus, filled to capacity, is one of four chartered by the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice (www.charlottesvillepeace.org) to carry locals to Washington, […]

Courses we love

Q: What do atomic explosions, wild bears and homicidal rapists have in common? A: Their images have all been used in campaign advertisements, and 18 UVA students will be studying them in a new course this semester: Political Advertising and American Democracy. After all, who could go through life without seeing “Daisy,” the 1964 TV […]

Patience, says son of Iraq president

Patience, says son of Iraq president

“We should encourage the participation of the communists in Iraq,” said Qubad Talabani. Eyebrows were raised among the roughly 150 people listening. Talabani, with his British accent, pinstripe suit and polished wingtips, is decidedly not a communist. The son of Iraq’s president, he is also the Kurdistan Regional Government’s representative in the U.S. The communists, […]

Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown

He may be 68, but the dashing and dynamic Chuck Brown lays down his nonstop go-go jams with more energy than rockers half his age. music True originals in the music scene are few and far between. Maybe that’s why Chuck Brown, the man who pioneered the booty-shaking funk mélange known as go-go, has built […]

Local churches for sale

Local churches for sale

It’s not often that local churches are for sale, and it’s even more rare for two to be on the market at the same time. But that’s been the case for nearly two months since Evergreen Baptist Church in Albemarle County went up for sale, joining Downtown’s First Christian Church in the local real estate market.

Local group calls for impeachment

A mostly older crowd packed the meeting hall of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church on Wednesday, July 19, with one purpose: to impeach the president.    The event, sponsored by the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, was moderated by David Swanson, a board member of CCPJ and co-founder of the anti-war website afterdowningstreet.org. He kicked […]

Middle East questions for David Waldner

We recently sat down with David Waldner, a UVA professor of comparative politics and the author of the book State Building and Late Development, to try and make sense of the current dust-up between Israel and Lebanon. Hostilities in the region exploded when members of the Lebanon-based group Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers on July […]

UVA summer camps, by the numbers

Joggers puffing past UVA might notice that the crowd on McCormick Road looks a little younger than usual. They’d be right. No college co-eds, these. With summer here, UVA hosts a number of summer camps targeted at aspiring athletes and other high school students. Here’s a quick run-down, by the numbers. Number of kids attending […]

City earns runner-up spot in slogan competition

Sure, we know that Charlottesville is home to the occasionally top-ranked public university in the nation. And we cannot deny the awesome truth of the city’s No. 1 ranking by Frommer’s in 2004. Still, who wants to rest on those laurels forever? Now, we don’t have to: Charlottesville has been awarded runner-up in a survey […]

Thefts up in Albemarle

The good news in the first-quarter crime stats from Albemarle County is that there were fewer violent crimes such as murders, assaults and rapes so far in 2006 compared to 2005. The bad news? This year has so far seen a substantial increase in other types of crime.    As shown here, instances of larceny increased […]

City sued for alleged racial bias

A former employee of Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority is suing the City of Charlottesville to the tune of $300,000. Angela Estes, who worked as a property manager for CRHA in 2005, claims in her lawsuit that her former employer discriminated against her because she is black.    Estes alleges that she was denied training, time […]

Albemarle County wants you

Summer is here, and with it comes a host of jobs offered by your local government.     Maybe you want to switch careers, or maybe you just want to expose your teen to actual sunlight. Fortunately for eager job seekers, Albemarle County and Charlottesville have dozens of open positions for part- and full-time workers of […]

Summer school varies in City, County

With summer just around the corner, some local students will be putting their vacation on hold in order to take summer classes. Depending on where they live and how much their families are able to pay, however, their options can vary quite a bit.
Charlottesville and Albemarle County both offer remedial summer classes.