April Abode: On stands now!

Photo: Andrea Hubbell Photo: Andrea Hubbell

This month’s Abode is historic—peek inside a 19th-century farmhouse, explore an updated 1850s James River estate, find out the best way to preserve wood detailing in your home and more. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

This month’s features:


A rear addition in 1900 made the house an L shape. It boasts a double porch, the lower part of which is screened.
Photo: Paul Whicheloe

Down in the valley

Named for the family who ran a nearby grist mill in the 1800s, the 25-acre Wilhoit Mill Farm near Earlysville is a pastiche of eras. Luckily for the owners, it didn’t require extensive renovation, thanks to intact original details that tie everything together, blending then and now. Read more here.

The garden is a feast for the eyes year-round: Peonies give color in early summer and daisies in mid-summer; hellebores light up in late winter next to the graceful skeletons of last year's sedum. Photo: Catriona Tudor Erler
Photo: Catriona Tudor Erler



Growing beautiful

While the homeowner of this month’s featured landscape knew she and her husband had found something special when they bought the property in 2014, it wasn’t framing the mountain view as it should. So they changed the garden’s approach. Read more here.