[UPDATED 2:17am] Just back from the Gravity Lounge, where Tom Perriello and the C-ville Dems cheered the great news tonight in Virginia.

More later… Obama is about to give his victory speech!

Okay, I’m back home now. A few more pics:

These photos would be more effective if they also included the WOOOOOs!


A crowd gathers outside the C-VILLE office to watch McCain’s concession speech


This New York Times headline does away with verbs entirely


While the Downtown Mall did not quite reach World Series victory-level craziness, there were still plenty of assorted "WOO!"s, "OBAMA!"s, and I distinctly recall a lone dude who just erupted in a "F*CK YEAH!"

In case you were wondering, the Final Countdown will continue through the end of this week. I’m sure there will still be plenty to talk about for the next few days.