Their $1.2M pledge to PVCC half paid, Kluge and Moses assure the rest is coming

In the fat times, a short five years ago, Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses pleged $1.2 million to PVCC to build a science building that would support, among other courses of study, the community college’s enology and viticulture programs. But now that Farm Credit of the Virginias has foreclosed on Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard, is the donation jeopardized?

Mary Jane King,  the school’s director of institutional advancement and development, says no. A 10-year pledge, the gift is half paid already. And King says that in early November, after the bank shut down Kluge Estate Winery’s operations, "we were contacted by the donor and assured of their commitment to pay the gift in full. And that’s where we are," she says.

The Kluge-Moses Science Building opened this year. "Students love it, faculty love it. The science labs are excellent," King says.

By the terms of the pledge, Kluge and Moses have five more years to pay the remaining $600,000.