The Final Final Countdown


Holy ballot box, Batman! Election Day is ONE WEEK AWAY!! Get your civic participation hat on and your touch-screen finger ready — or whatever part of your body you will be using to vote on November 4.

I think this new, advanced stage of the final countdown calls for a reprise of our theme song. While nothing quite beats the Manualist’s hand-fart interpretation, this Laibach cover is pretty bitchin’, in a Sprockets kind of way.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, what else is going on? Well, Obama is back in Virginia Tuesday with a rally at JMU in Harrisonburg scheduled for 5:15pm. Curiously, NBC 29 is reporting that Obama will be landing at Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport sometime before, though no official events are planned. Hmm… maybe he just wants to take a ride through the fall foliage?

I continue to be pelted with anti-Obama mailers. Today I received two — yes, two — lurid fliers from the Republican Party of Virginia, both with the tagline: "Barack Obama. Not Who You Think He Is." I have yet to receive a single piece of mail from the Obama campaign. Maybe they have such good data on me that they know they don’t need to bother.

Tonight, after watching the World Series get rained out (go Phils), I caught Michelle Obama on Leno. She put in a charming performance, noting that her outfit was from J. Crew (as opposed to Palin’s fancy duds) and joking about her daughter’s concern that Barack’s 30-minute infomercial on Wednesday would interrupt her favorite TV shows.

In these final days, I’m torn between my usual cynicism and the reality of what the polls are showing. I guess you could say I’m pessimistically optimistic.