Getting in with the un-crowd

Getting in with the un-crowd

The name of the game is change. Starr Hill just closed its doors. After more than 10 years of selling you your favorite discs, Danny Shea has stepped down from managing the Corner’s Plan 9 Music store to focus on booking and promoting Satellite Ballroom shows, which will now include bands that would have played Starr Hill. Spencer Lathrop, Charlottesville’s premier music columnist, drummer and general audiophile extraordinaire, has up and left us for the Aloha State.

Richard Buckner will tuck you in with his alt-country tunes.

So what does it all mean?  For starters, it means you’re reading Feedback, C-VILLE’s new music column. We’re here to scoop up everything that’s new, different, changing, or rediscovered on the local music scene.

Take a listen to Town by Richard Buckner:

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Courtesy of Richard Buckner – Thank you!

So, to begin with, on Friday Richard Buckner will return to Satellite. He played the Ballroom in February of last year and told me he recalls the gig was “a nice uncrowded crowd.” Touring partners Six Parts Seven (“really nice, and all attentive musicians,” he says) will also serve as his backing band this time around.  “I don’t work with other people on tour very often, but I’m glad I tried it with them,” he says. “It’s been good for me and the shows.”

Wondering what to expect? No problem, as Buckner lays out the evening for you: “Decide to come to the show.  It won’t be crowded, so just show up.  Next, watch the shows without bothering the band or the rest of the audience.  There will be a merchandise table, but no pressure.  Then, just go home and think about the show while washing down some leftovers with a year-old Corona you found in the crisper.” What else would you expect from a seasoned alt-country crooner?

Like religion but with more chord changes: Sarah White has a shot at “Mountain Stage."

A couple of our favorite local musicians are not making what you’d call drastic changes, but they are taking in fresh scenery and gaining wider exposure. Songstresses Sarah White and Robin Wynn have reached the regional finals of the Mountain Stage New Song competition. It’s a big deal because the winner gets a spot on West Virginia’s “Mountain Stage” radio show, which has broadcast live performances, including everybody from Ralph Stanley to Wilco, since 1983. “I listened to it religiously when I was in high school,” says White. Both women will head to Jammin’ Java in Vienna (Virginia, not Austria) this Saturday, July 15 to vie for a spot in the international finals. “I haven’t had a chance to think about it because of Shentai,” White says referring to the three-week carnival at which she performed, “but I’m excited.”

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