February 2009: Instant Decorator

February 2009: Instant Decorator

Got condensation? Mom was right: Use a coaster! Now that you’re a grownup, no longer will a folded-up newspaper suffice for functional décor. For a simple fix, put that paper (and a few other materials) to use and make a set of decoupage coasters that would make even Mom proud.

Four ceramic tiles, craft paint, newspaper, Mod Podge (available at craft stores), felt pads (available at hardware stores)

Tools: Paintbrush (or foam brush), scissors
1. Cut out two shapes from the newspaper (we chose a heart and a house). Using the Mod Podge,

glue each to its own tile.

2. Pick a couple of words that you like (we chose “love” and “kiss”) and cut each letter individually out of the newspaper.

3. On the other two tiles, paint the same shapes as the ones you cut out.

4. You can vary the combination of media here; we chose to outline the heart with paint,  and place a word with the house cut-out and inside the painted heart. This gives the project a cohesive look.

5. Put four felt pads on the corners underneath the tile.

6. Coat tiles three or four times with Mod Podge to seal. Enjoy!—Caite White