Devon and Paul bid buh-bye, inside the “Cave” and good ideas for a rainy weekend

When you’re done buying lots of duct tape, water, batteries and flashlights in preparation for the big storm (talkin’ Irene here) that threatens to blow citizens over—unless talk is overblown—until it just blows over, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Start polishing your rainboots now, and remember to call ahead.

Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule, who announced earlier this summer that they’d be moving to Berlin, play a farewell show Saturday night at the Jefferson Theater. For all the details—WHY!??, for example—check out this week’s Feedback column.

Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams screens tonight at PVCC, part of a free movie Friday series there. Herzog filmed it in 3D to capture the famous Chauvet Cave’s paintings as the historic people saw them dozens of thousands of years ago. Don’t miss it.

Owen Ashworth made a name for himself with the equal parts minimal and confessional act Casiotone for the Painfully Alone—aptly named. He comes to town with a new project called Advance Base (genre listed on Facebook: "Sad") that expands the instrumentation, with piano, real drums and more, without taking any unnecessary left turns. Hear what appears to be the band’s complete catalog, limited though it may be, here. Peaceful tunes for a rainy Saturday at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar.

What are you up to this weekend?