Best adult entertainment

Charlottesville? May as well call it Fertility-ville with all the discussion of pregnancy, birth, diapering, child rearing and Montessori tuition that fills the air. If it’s not the best adult entertainment it’s certainly the favorite. Do you people know there are two wars on? Have you heard of health care reform? Like the lone old lady who dares to introduce, oh I don’t know, California deficits or Major League Baseball’s genetic testing into a prescriptions-and-podiatrists lunchtime conversation at the nursing home, woe to the adult of child-bearing age who tries to veer away from topics like soccer camp and missing baby teeth. You’ll be pegged as heartless and barren—or even worse, from New York! Watch it, or you’ll never eat a pb&j in this town again! Our advice? Rather than risk the ostracism, chime in, whether you have kids or not. Key words include Penelope Leach, Ferberizing, and Maclaren strollers. And if that doesn’t get you through this phase in your friends’ lives, then head over to the retirement village and find that lady who’s waiting to talk about Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell. She could use your company as much as you could use hers.