April 2009: Eyecatchers

High above it all

Location: Charlottesville
Price: $385,000
MLS #: 463056

Sixth floor lofty enough for you? How about the most pristine historic block in the City? This three-bedroom condo occupies a prime spot in the Court Square building, and for most of us, living two blocks off the Mall would be enough of a draw. The condo itself offers a few nice extras, though, just in case: built-in bookshelves in the entrance hall, generous rooms and a well-appointed kitchen. It’s a vision of city living we could get used to.


Small-town style

Location: Louisa
Price: $299,900
MLS #: 457000

We have a thing for the 1920s, and it’s because of houses like this. Would you look at that classy profile? There are four bedrooms and 2,210 square feet, but the real charm of this already-restored house goes beyond the numbers: a beautiful staircase, a sunroom and a patio, and a cool retro kitchen stove. And it looks like the sellers have taste: You’ll like the paint colors and the light fixtures.


Appalachian cool

Location: Greenwood
Price: $275,000
MLS #: 448054

An address on Backwoods Lane? Really? The price tag’s pure Albemarle (especially given this is only 616 square feet of house), but if your wallet can handle it, this cabin’s rustic detailing might just steal your heart. No bland suburban construction here: It’s stone fireplace, log railings, and exposed wood everywhere. We particularly like the front porch, good for sipping…whatever.