Admission numbers up, but why?

Admission numbers up, but why?

For the second year in a row, UVA set a record for the number of admission applications it received. Not that you’re unimpressed by such a record, because clearly UVA exudes impressiveness, but this was also the first year since the 1960s that the University hasn’t had an early decision program.

Administrators are happy that undergrad applications are up 4 percent after ditching early admission, but C-VILLE wonders if the writer’s strike or the “off-the-grid” movement might play a part as well.

Impressive, no? UVA officials anticipate that the University will receive 18,776 applications when all is said and done, a 4 percent increase from last year when applications jumped by more than 12 percent.

So what’s behind the steady increase of wannabe Hoos? The answer to that is unclear, and when answers are unclear,
C-VILLE does what the media does best: offer lame theories.

Theory 1: Overwhelming number of newspaper readers have decided to track down this “Larry Sabato” figure to see if he really exists.

Theory 2: Increasing number of back-to-nature 18-year-olds who want to live “off the grid” flock to UVA for chance at Lawn Room living.

Theory 3: In midst of writers’ strike, hordes of undereducated TV writers with loads of time on their hands decide to go the Tina Fey route.

Theory 4: With 97 percent of applications coming in online, kids finally catching on to this “Internet” phenomenon.

Theory 5: Finally attracting the large, ultradesirable contingent of rich fundamentalist Christians who have found a public place in which to embrace each other and shout, “Not gay!”