Word of fliers about a Christian group party caused consternation among some parents at Buford Middle School. Staff photo

Wyld thing: Parents at Buford concerned about recruiting tactics

When Manuel Lerdau heard from his seventh-grader a couple of weeks ago that a Christian youth organization was recruiting at Buford Middle School under the guise of a party, he became concerned. “Representatives from WyldLife were at Buford during lunch recruiting students to attend WyldLife events, and doing it in a way that was not […]

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Making the grade: Your guide to an A+ school year

At the start of a new academic year, it’s inevitable that some students mourn their summer vacations and others feel happy to have something to do. Either way, going back to school can be a stressful time for both students and parents. Who’s picking Jacob up from football practice? And how much did Jessica’s scientific […]

Amherst County Attorney Ellen Bowyer led the legal charge to keep Sweet Briar College open, taking the case to the Supreme Court of Virginia June 4.
Photo: Christian Hommel

Sweet Briar College to remain open after settlement approval

Students, faculty, and supporters of Sweet Briar College are breathing a sigh of relief that the home of the Vixens will stay afloat for at least another year. Following months of uncertainty over the future of the women’s liberal arts college after President James F. Jones announced in March the school would close due to […]