Bad memory: Jackie deposed on Day 7 of Rolling Stone trial

Bad memory: Jackie deposed on Day 7 of Rolling Stone trial

If “yes, to my great regret” has become the stock answer for remorseful Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely, then her protagonist in the now-discredited gang rape tale—the one who sent a college into chaos two years ago—has found a mantra of her own: “I don’t remember.” Before a hushed courtroom in downtown Charlottesville, a […]

Day 5: A recording of ‘Jackie’ makes waves

Day 5: A recording of ‘Jackie’ makes waves

Former Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely put in a third day on the stand Friday, a day spent answering friendly questions from the defense in an effort to show how a veteran journalist could be duped by a college girl named Jackie– the centerpiece of a story that became a libel trial. For over […]

Jane Dittmar, the Democratic 5th District congressional candidate, asks for civility for the remainder of the campaign. Staff photo

Dittmar begs for civility, speaks out about filthy messages sent to her campaign

Democratic 5th District congressional candidate Jane Dittmar held an October 19 press conference on the Downtown Mall following her campaign’s denouncement of “sleazy Republican charges” brought to light by opponents days prior. But she did not address the alleged 1999 DUI and improper child restraint charges—instead, Dittmar begged for respect in the final weeks of the […]

Day 4: Erdely gives scarring testimony

Day 4: Erdely gives scarring testimony

“I found her to be very credible,” said the reporter on the podcast. “I put her story through the wringer.” This audio about “Jackie,” the now-discredited protagonist of a once-blockbuster magazine article was played for jurors, as the plaintiff’s attorney tried to crush the credibility of reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely on Day Four of the […]

Chris Saunders hikes Blackrock Summit in Shenandoah National Park. Photo by Natalie Jacobsen

Take a hike: Locals share tales from the trails

Early-morning light catches a tinge of red on the edges of the maple leaves. The air is crisp after a cold fall night in early October. Chris Saunders steps onto the Blackrock Summit Trail with the confidence and speed of someone who has been there before. “I’ve hiked it five or six times,” he says. […]

Day 2: Eramo takes stand in suit against Rolling Stone

Day 2: Eramo takes stand in suit against Rolling Stone

It was a courtroom with tears shed on both sides of the aisle. The defamation trial pitting former University of Virginia dean Nicole Eramo against her portrayal by Rolling Stone magazine’s Sabrina Rubin Erdely got into full swing Tuesday with both women crying at the federal courthouse. There was even talk of past tears, such as […]

Entering the courthouse for his sentencing, social media celebrity Bryan Silva offered no comment to the media. Staff photo

‘Free me:’ Silva sentenced for standoff

  Social media celebrity Bryan Silva, who prompted the first SWAT standoff of the year, was sentenced to one year and nine months of jail time October 18 in Charlottesville Circuit Court for possessing and brandishing an illegal firearm and disobeying the court. Silva’s attorney, John March, asked for a lesser sentence, arguing that the […]

Soleil Reed, a 19-year-old first time voter, says immigration, wages and quality of life are issues that matter most to her.

Like a voter, for the very first time

Do you remember the first time you voted? Were you excited? Unenthusiastic? A little scared? As this election grows more dramatic and November 8 gets closer, first-time voters are running out of time to make up their minds. The University of Virginia hosted both presidential and vice presidential debate viewings with turnouts of about 300 […]

Twenty-three home cooks and chefs entered this year’s Cville Pie Fest competition. Photo by Rammelkamp Foto

Local bakers put their pies to the test

“I love the way an empty pie crust shell looks like an opportunity,” says local food writer and amateur baker Jenée Libby. “Are you going to make a sweet pie? A savory one?” Libby recently made a sweet pie—a sweet potato speculoos pie with a gingersnap crust, to be exact—to nab top honors at this year’s […]

Darius Nabors and Trevor Kemp, two UVA graduates, visited all 59 national parks in 59 weeks. Photo by Trevor Kemp

UVA alums return from national park road trip

Two University of Virginia graduates put their young professional lives on hold when they took the chance of a lifetime. With a year’s worth of supplies crammed into a Dodge Ram 2500 truck, they quit their jobs and embarked on a journey to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service—by visiting all 59 […]