Denise Lunsford and Robert Tracci

In it to win it: A comprehensive guide to the 2015 election

If you care about whether Albemarle expands its growth area or what Charlottesville does about the Belmont bridge or whether you pay more in meals tax or any other myriad local issues that directly affect your quality of life, this is the election to head to the polls. Sure it doesn’t have the star power […]

Multi-talented artist David Duchovny will perform songs from his album Hell or Highwater on Wednesday at The Inn at Willow Grove. Publicity image.

David Duchovny talks about performing in the moment

Confession: Without “The X-Files,” I wouldn’t be a professional writer. Way back in middle school, I thought I hated writing. At least, I hated writing dry, research-based essays for class. But every Sunday night I found inspiration in the form of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, characters whose investigations into paranormal phenomenon inspired me so […]

Jesse Matthew was given three life sentences on October 2 for attempted capital murder, abduction with intent to defile and sexual penetration with an object of a Fairfax woman in 2006. Staff photo/mugshot Charlottesville Police

Matthew given three life sentences for attempted Fairfax murder

Amidst screams from his sobbing mother who says she hopes the judge “rot[s] in hell,” Jesse Matthew was given three life sentences today for sexually assaulting a 26-year-old Fairfax woman while attempting to rape and kill her in September 2005. C-VILLE did not attend the sentencing, but followed live tweets by news organizations and reporters in […]

Mourning outside Norris Hall at Virginia Tech in 2007. Photo Tobias Beard

Mass murder in America: What General Assembly candidates say

The slaughter of unarmed people has become a regular feature of American life. Relatively unknown Umpqua Community College in Oregon joins the body count list with 10 dead from yesterday’s rampage. President Barack Obama made his 15th speech on mass shootings since he took office, according to CNN. “We’ve become numb to this,” he said. […]

Saunders Brothers Farm. Photo: 621 Studios

A century of cultivation

A little more than a hundred years ago, in the rural foothills of Nelson County, an ambitious band of five brothers—Will, Doc, Dick, Sam and Massie—were devoting themselves to the hard, prefatory dirty work of chasing a dream. Specifically: The men were spending their mornings and afternoons scouring the forest, field and countryside trapping rabbits. Droves […]

Motorists trying to use the McIntire Interchange can find themselves backed up to the County Office Building as they wait to squeeze through the 18-second green light. Photo by Martyn Kyle

18 seconds: Why the McIntire Interchange doesn’t move

On September 9, C-VILLE reported that many citizens felt the recently opened $33.6 million McIntire Interchange was a “disaster” and that traffic was worse than before the pricey project was built. City officials said they were adjusting the timing on the lights both at McIntire and at Park Street September 3, and, three weeks later, […]

Photo: Amanda Maglione

Fall/winter 2015 Knife & Fork: On stands now!

The latest issue of Knife & Fork is on stands now and here’s what you’ll find inside. (Below, click through a digital copy of the magazine!) Mona Lisa Pasta’s guide to making pasta at home and seven perfect restaurant dishes. Caterer Gay Beery serves up ideas on sweet and savory dips. Hunter Smith’s fave VA […]