Charlottesville High School guidance counselor Sarah Elaine Hart says more than 1,750 individual student sessions were logged the first six weeks of the school year. Photo by Eze Amos

Traumatized teens deal with aftermath of horrific events

Young people in Parkland, Florida, are dealing with an unspeakable act that killed 17 people and destroyed countless lives and feelings of safety in their daily routines, much like what students in Charlottesville had to cope with at the beginning of the school year after the August 12 white supremacist invasion left three dead and […]

Robert Harllee of Market Street Wineshops has watched an increase in Virginia wine sales at his various locations. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Changes ahead for Market Street Wineshop

After 31 years of selling wine, fresh bread, cheese and more at Market Street Wineshop from the basement level of 311 E. Market St., Robert Harllee has decided to retire. But fear not; Charlottesville is not about to lose another jewel from its quirky downtown crown: Two of Harllee’s longtime employees, Siân Richards and Thadd […]

Beau LeBlond, Parker Nelson and Valery Duron confront modern issues through an updated
approach to the 1949 musical South Pacific. Photo by Eze Amos

CHS community explores South Pacific

Premiered on Broadway in 1949 and revived in 2008, South Pacific tells the story of American naval officers (both nurses and sailors) stationed on an island during World War II who are forced to confront their own racist attitudes amidst love and war. This month the musical comes to life on stage at Charlottesville High […]

Even if you don’t recognize the JUUL itself, which resembles a USB thumb drive, its litter is becoming increasingly common. A walk around the Corner will put you within eyeshot of hundreds of the small plastic JUUL pod containers. Photo by Mylesclark96

Students light up over JUULing

By Sam Padgett There’s a new verb hanging in the Charlottesville air: JUULing. If you have heard it, most likely from a high school- or college-aged kid, rest assured it isn’t some odd youth mining craze. A JUUL, pronounced “jewel,” is a small vaping device that can be found in nearly any local convenience […]