Community gardens are a place of refuge for all

Community gardens are a place of refuge for all

Tucked alongside Moores Creek in Azalea Park, two wide rows of garden plots form a welcoming and fruitful oasis. Canes of blackberries stand tall, bunches of unripe grapes hang from the vine, tasseling corn peeks over the tops of fences and in the far corner, a grove of banana trees rises in a tropical salute. […]

After Dominion's rebuild in Rockbridge County, this is the view from Kristopher Baumann's front yard. Courtesy of Kristopher Baumann

Point of view: Power line rebuild draws discord

City and county residents heavily criticized Dominion Virginia Power’s plans to rebuild area transmission lines at a recent public hearing, and a Rockbridge County man, who has filed suit against the power company after a similar rebuild in his area, says locals’ concerns are justified. “They marred one of the most beautiful valleys in the […]

Champion Brewing Company, founded by Hunter Smith in 2012, is expanding to Richmond with a brewpub set to open by the end of the year. Photo by Eli Williams

How to celebrate national beer month in Virginia

Locals certainly don’t need another reason to imbibe in our area’s tasty brews—but we’ll take it. August is Craft Beer Month in our fair state, which means breweries are holding celebrations and events to showcase their wares. The biggest event to hit our area is the fifth annual Virginia Craft Brewers Fest, hosted by Devils […]

Phil Wendel and Tom Garrett don't break a sweat at today's ACAC tour.
Staff photo

Tom Garrett on job creators tour

Congressional candidate Tom Garrett is back in Charlottesville today a week after he debated Dem Jane Dittmar at the Senior Center. The two are vying for the 5th District seat currently held by Robert Hurt, who decided not seek a third term. C-VILLE caught up with Garrett, a state senator, at ACAC, where owner Phil […]

Because of complications with paperwork, Bryan Silva's sentencing was rescheduled for October 18.
Photo: Charlottesville Police

Bryan Silva’s sentencing delayed

  Bryan Silva appeared in Charlottesville Circuit Court August 17 for sentencing on charges related to a January 3 SWAT standoff, in which the 25-year-old Facebook celebrity barricaded himself inside his Jefferson Park Avenue home for several hours while posting videos of the incident on his social media pages for his thousands of fans to […]

The 5th District House of Representatives race between Jane Dittmar and Tom Garrett could be a bellwether for who controls Congress. Photo by Eze Amos

Trump is toast: Will the House and Senate follow?

If there’s one thing we love about penning this column, it’s making ridiculously premature predictions. And though we’ve whiffed a few (like that time we opined that Bernie Sanders would “be out of the [primary] race by May at the very latest”), all in all our batting average is enviably high. And so, as we […]