Barefoot Battle

Barefoot Battle

Gallo is known for zealously defending its trademarks, and in 1986 the company sued Ernest and Julio’s younger brother for his Joseph Gallo Farms cheese. The wine company prevailed in the acrimonious court battle, which didn’t improve family relations. Now they are taking on local kombucha company Barefoot Bucha.

Look for the Cavaliers' spell out during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Photo Bill Ross

Virginia band marches to Macy’s for Thanksgiving Day Parade

  This week, families and friends will come together to celebrate Thanksgiving by eating turkey and watching football. For many families, the Macy’s 89th annual Thanksgiving Day Parade will also be on the agenda, and for.Virginia fans, it will be even more exciting. The Cavalier Marching Band will appear for the first time in UVA […]

Martese Johnson 's lawsuit claims he was "permanently disfigured" during his encounter with ABC agents. Photo: Jackson Smith

ABC officials file motion to dismiss Martese Johnson’s lawsuit

Three ABC agents and its director filed a motion in U.S. District Court November 16 to dismiss all seven claims in UVA student Martese Johnson’s $3 million lawsuit stemming from his encounter with agents last March that left him bloody and needing 10 stitches. Johnson alleges false arrest, excessive force, negligence and battery against special […]

Brenda Patterson (above in a performance of Le Bal) and her co-founders will launch Victory Hall Opera with Now Try This on November 20 at The Haven. Photo: Monica Rittershaus

Now Try This: Victory Hall Opera lets singers choose their role

When Victory Hall Opera, Charlottesville’s newest opera company, raises the curtain on its first show, it will also unveil a world premiere inside the industry itself. “We are developing a process that doesn’t exist yet—anywhere,” says Miriam Gordon- Stewart, artistic director, soprano and one of the company’s three co-founders. “We’re interested to hear what the […]

Contraline founder Kevin Eisenfrats holds a sample of the gel that is the basis of the non-surgical contraceptive procedure. Photo by Dan Addison/UVA University Communications

Pet project: Dog contraception could soon be man’s best friend

A group of UVA inventors has already won tens of thousands of dollars for an idea for pets that may have implications as a human male contraceptive. Contraline, a highly praised innovation by judges at UVA’s Entrepreneurship Cup and the Darden Business Plan competition, is an alternative to the traditional surgical sterilization used to neuter pets. […]