Jonah Hill and James Franco match wits in True Story, based on the relationship between an accused man awaiting trial and a discredited journalist. Photo: Fox Searchlight

Film review: True Story tells it a bit too straight

There is a sliding scale of effectiveness for movies based on true stories. At the upper end are films like Lawrence of Arabia, Goodfellas or City of God, where gifted artists at the top of their game have found meaning and inspiration in someone else’s life and have bent the facts in order to get […]

The Marriott Residence Inn looming on the corner of West Main and Ridge-McIntire will have 124 rooms and boasts great views.
Image: Design-Develop LLC

Deluxe lodgings: Two West Main hotels set to open this year

Two upscale hotels are under construction on West Main Street, and rather than creating an oversupply of hotel rooms, tourism officials say they will hardly make a dent in prime season demand. This summer, the former Red Roof Inn on the Corner will unveil itself as Graduate Charlottesville, part of a new chain hitting college-town […]

Sex for sale:  Or, how to become a confidential informant

Sex for sale: Or, how to become a confidential informant

For a good time, call “HoTT & spicy,” “IHOP—International House of Pleasure,” or “SeXy HoT” under the escort section of, where dates can run $200 an hour—or $70 for 15 minutes. Back in February, Albemarle County Police arrested six people at the Courtyard Marriott on Hillsdale Drive who posted or were lured by ads […]