To enter the Downtown Mall, citizens had to submit to a search of purses and wallets. Police say that was “consensual.”
Photo Eze Amos

‘Martial law’: Officials say 1,000 cops necessary, searches ‘consensual’

The August 12 weekend passed with no loss of life or serious injury, but many Charlottesville residents were not reassured by the show of police force and the restrictions on pedestrian access to the Downtown Mall that were announced a couple of days before they went into effect. The Virginia State Police provided 700 officers, […]

Armed with a background in physics, cartoonist Zach Weinersmith incorporates wit and wisdom into his Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic and his book projects. Image courtesy of the artist

Cartoonist Zach Weinersmith draws humor out of science

If you saw Zach Weinersmith around town, he might not immediately stand out. His thin frame and shoulder-length red hair fits the bill for an average guy in his 30s—he wouldn’t be out of place browsing at New Dominion Bookshop or catching a show at the Jefferson. He’s not out of place at Three Notch’d […]

Former Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas and current Chief RaShall Brackney. Former Virginia State Police Superintendent Steve Flaherty and current Superintendent Gary Settle. Former UVA President Teresa Sullivan and current President Jim Ryan. Former UVA Police Department Chief Michael Gibson and new Chief Tommye Sutton. Former Mayor Mike Signer and current Mayor Nikuyah Walker. Former City Manager Maurice Jones and current Interim City Manager Mike Murphy.

Out and in: A turnover of top local leaders

It was an unprecedented year for the city, but also one in which we saw a major shift among people in positions of power. Some heads rolled, some quietly retired, and the list of local leaders is almost unrecognizable from this time last summer. Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas abruptly resigned in December, making way […]

John Miska was arrested for possessing the razor blades he'd just purchased at CVS.
Photo Janis Jaquith

Gun-carrying vet arrested for scraper blades

John Miska frequently shops on the Downtown Mall, especially when CVS has two-for-one sales on cases of Arizona iced tea. Today, he ran afoul of the city’s list of prohibited items after he made his purchases, and was arrested for possessing the single edge blades he bought for his ice scraper. Miska, 64, says he […]