UVA psychology prof Brian Nosek is offering training sessions on implicit bias. He says perception is not subject to reason. Courtesy Brian Nosek

Laurel or Yanny? UVA prof studies implicit bias

By Jonathan Haynes Brian Nosek is using science to help the Charlottesville community recover from the events of August 12. But he isn’t studying neo-Nazis wielding clubs and riot shields. Instead, he’s focusing on something that exists in all of us: implicit bias. During a recent event at the MLK Performing Arts Center at Charlottesville […]

ARTS Pick: Twins with Twang

ARTS Pick: Twins with Twang

It’s not a typo—The Brother Brothers are named that for a reason. Adam and David Moss are identical twins with a shared love of country and folk music, and it shows in the tunes the duo creates and performs. After pursuing individual music careers, the brothers came together in 2016 to tour as one act. Although […]

The Can-Do Attitude plays Fridays After Five at the Pavilion this week. Photo by Eze Amos

The Can-Do Attitude gets it done in unexpected ways

The members of The Can-Do Attitude know what they look like while loading their gear into a venue for a rock show. “Who the hell are these nerds?” they imagine other bands think upon seeing drummer Brian Wilson in a loon T-shirt, the word “Loonatic” printed under the aquatic bird graphic, or watching singer and […]