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C-VILLE Weekly
308 E. Main St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

You can reach us at 434.817.2749 through the extensions listed below or send us an e-mail.

Jessica Luck, Editor (x20)
editor [at] c-ville [dot] com

Lisa Provence, News Editor (x14)
lisa [at] c-ville [dot] com

Tami Keaveny, Arts Editor (x18)
tami [at] c-ville [dot] com

Caite White, Special Publications Editor (x45)
Abode, Weddings, Village, Knife & Fork, 434
caite [at] c-ville [dot] com

Samantha Baars, Reporter (x40)
news [at] c-ville [dot] com

Erin O’Hare, Arts & Living Reporter
arts [at] c-ville [dot] com

Susan Sorensen, Copy Editor (x23)
susan [at] c-ville [dot] com

To get your event listed in the calendar, e-mail details to

Bill LeSueur, Creative Director (x17)
artdirector [at] c-ville [dot] com

Max March, Editorial Designer (x16)
max [at] c-ville [dot] com

Tracy Federico, Graphic Designer (x19)
designer [at] c-ville [dot] com

Henry Jones, Graphic Designer
henry [at] c-ville [dot] com

Lorena Perez, Graphic Designer
designer2 [at] c-ville [dot] com

29 North & Barracks Road
Eleanor VonAchen (x30)
29north [at] c-ville [dot] com

Pantops Account Executive
Bianca Catta-Preta (x29)
pantops [at] c-ville [dot] com

Downtown/West Main/The Corner
Theressa Leak (x21)
downtown [at] c-ville [dot] com

250 West
Hannah Collier (x42)
250west [at] c-ville [dot] com

Vertical Markets/Classifieds
Justin McClung (x36)
justin [at] c-ville [dot] com

Classifieds Account Executive
Chaney Hambrick (x26)
chaney [at] c-ville [dot] com

Production Coordinator
Faith Gibson (x11)
ads [at] c-ville [dot] com

Marketing Director
Anna Harrison (x51)
anna [at] c-ville [dot] com

Advertising Director
Erica Gentile
erica [at] c-ville [dot] com

Aimee Atteberry
aimee [at] c-ville [dot] com

Debbie Miller (x28)
debbie [at] c-ville [dot] com

Account Manager
Nanci Winter (x33)
accounting [at] c-ville [dot] com

Circulation Manager
Billy Dempsey (x32)
circulation [at] c-ville [dot] com

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