What’s Happening at the Jefferson School City Center?

Carver Rec Manager Dan Carpenter and associate Amanda Cempre test the foosball table at the Jefferson School City Center Carver Rec Manager Dan Carpenter and associate Amanda Cempre test the foosball table at the Jefferson School City Center

The free drop-in Teen Center at Carver Recreation is a supervised indoor space within the Jefferson School City Center. There are a wide variety of table games and video games available, many of which focus on active movement. A television and internet access are also available.

“We want to keep them active, engaged, and safe,” said Carver Rec manager Dan Carpenter. “This is a great service we can offer to neighborhood residents. The kids have something to do and can hang out with their friends. “It’s a safe and fun place for kids ages eleven and over to play and socialize close to home.”

The Carver Rec teen center is averaging 40 teens on weekdays and 50 on the weekends.

“This is our way of giving back something to city residents. We’ve got this great new renovated space and we don’t want to forget the great programs and services we were offering prior to the renovation.”

The Teen Center is open from 2pm-9pm Monday-Thursday, 2pm-8pm on Friday, and 1pm-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  For more information, please call (434) 970-3053 or visit www.charlottesville.org/parksandrec.

Pride Overcomes Prejudice at the Jefferson School City Center


In conjunction with the Festival of the Book and in celebration of the publishing of the companion catalog for the exhibition Pride Overcomes Prejudice, the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center presents “A Dream of the Future: What Can we Learn From Jefferson School’s Founding Generations in the 21st Century?” Tuesday, March 19, at 6 pm in the Jefferson School Auditorium. Historian and exhibit curator Scott French, Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, will share excerpts from his catalog essay, African American Civic Activism and the Making of Jefferson High School, 1865-1926. He will discuss the living legacies of Jefferson School’s founding generations.

Documenting the African American community’s organized resistance to inequalities in Charlotteville’s dual education system is difficult, given the lack of relevant school board records from the early 20th century. The Pride Overcomes Prejudice book and exhibition contain many first-hand accounts of how African Americans were deeply engaged in the political process that determined access to education. French’s lecture is free and open to the public.

Literacy Volunteers prepares for Immigration Reform

Literacy Volunteers received notice this week that they have been awarded a Department of Education grant for English Language and Civics instruction. The purpose of the grant is to help ESL students become integrated into the Charlottesville and Albemarle community.

“This grant requires Literacy Volunteers to focus on four things with our ESL students: the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, naturalization procedures, civic participation, and U.S. history and government,”  said Executive Director Ellen Osborne.  “All of the immigration reform proposals floating around require speaking English as a requirement for attaining permanent residency status, so this grant is particularly timely. We’re gearing up to be prepared for whatever happens with immigration reform.”

Free Health and Wellness Assessments at the Starr Hill Health Center in the Jefferson School City Center

The Martha Jefferson Starr Hill Health Center is focused on improving the health of children and families in the communities surrounding the newly renovated Jefferson School City Center.  As part of Martha Jefferson Hospital’s community benefit work, the Starr Hill Health Center is offering free health and wellness assessments with certified nurse practitioner Miranda Trent.

“We really want to concentrate on getting people healthy. We’re specifically looking at obesity issues because obesity causes so many problems down the road. Many health issues can be prevented when weight is under control,” said Trent. “We want to focus on preventing future problems.” Individuals will receive a private, personal consultation with Trent and a plan for improving their families’ health.

“We thought this population might need access to a service such as this without cost. We will eventually be focusing on addressing childhood obesity, but this is really a family issue,” Trent said. “This service is especially helpful for those who haven’t had a physical in a long time, are worried about their current health, or are ready to help their kids develop healthier habits.”

For an appointment or for more information, call Martha Jefferson Health Connection at (434) 654-7009 or (888) 652-6663.


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