Sprint Pavilion

Trey Anastasio's three-piece incarnation performs a blend of Phish classics and solo work swirled together to satisfy phans of all decades. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Trey Anastasio Trio ready to jam out

If the Trey Anastasio Trio doesn’t ring a bell, Phish will connect the dots—and hopefully not just for the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor named after the band. Anastasio is a founding member of the jam-rock dynamo, and solo he’s dabbled in nearly every field of music, from playing in symphony orchestras to writing […]

ARTS Pick: Disco Risqué defies categories

ARTS Pick: Disco Risqué defies categories

Disco Risqué’s mission? “To take over the world one sweaty, borderline-psychotic-music lover at a time.” Their method? Creating and performing some of the most high-energy, hard-to-categorize music in Charlottesville. Imagine George Clinton on his angriest day, combined with Santana-esque riffs at triple their normal speed, and you can start to appreciate what the group does […]

Blackberry Smoke stays true to the core of classic rock ‘n’ roll at the Pavilion on June 16. Publicity photo

Blackberry Smoke expands musically on new album

Bands rarely come as well-rounded as Blackberry Smoke. For fans of open-minded Southern rock, the five-piece outfit covers all the bases—pensive highway songs, distorted, arena-ready scorchers and bluesy explorations doused in Dixie grit. The group emerged from Atlanta in the early 2000s, and, as required by independent bands since the turn of the century, hit the […]