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The new owner of Charlottesville Parking Center LLC, which owns the land under the Water Street Parking garage, is suing over an appraisal of the property he said was too low. File photo

Downtown developer files suit over Water Street garage land appraisal

Developer and businessman Mark Brown’s takeover of the company that controls most of the public parking in downtown Charlottesville last August was the sale of the summer, but the saga of the Charlottesville Parking Center acquisition isn’t over. Last week, Brown filed suit against appraiser Ivo Romenesko, who valued one of the company’s key holdings—the […]

Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. Photo: Jack Looney

Proposed 13-cent tax on downtown properties is a no-go—for now

Plans for a downtown business district funded by a 13-cent tax on properties on and near the Downtown Mall have been put on hold after numerous property owners objected. But proponents of a Community Improvement District (CID), researched and proposed by a committee of Downtown Business Association (DBA) members, hope there’s still a future for […]