Performing Arts

Brian Regan’s ability to relate to a span of generations is what sets him apart at the Paramount on Thursday. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Brian Regan

Featured in the Chris Rock movie Top Five, nominated for a 2014 American Comedy Award for Best Concert Comic and appearing 27 times on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Brian Regan has distinguished himself as a clean comedian, earning praise from legends in the field such as Jerry Seinfeld. He finds mirth in everyday […]

Actor Amira Helene’s complaint gets subverted by a translator in the 12-minute film Listen, one of the Manhattan Short Film Festival entries being voted on at the Paramount on Saturday. Photo: Lars Vesergaard

ARTS Pick: Manhattan Short Film Festival

Experience the best in international cinematography, in segments of 18 minutes or less, at the Manhattan Short Film Festival. Out of a record 678 entries received from 52 countries, the festival’s programmers selected 10 films as finalists. Audience members around the world view and vote during one week of screenings to decide which cut will […]

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (starring Zach Showalter) channels the cultural and political iconography into the story of one modern rock star to give a refreshing take on Old Hickory. Photo: Michael Bailey

ARTS Pick: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

UVA Drama’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson incorporates emo rock and satire to tell the story of America’s seventh president. The musical plays with fact and fiction to give Jackson a rock star persona that strays from sanitized history textbooks, and the songs, performed by a live band on stage, document Jackson’s life, from his humble […]