Live Music

Strap on your go-go boots and get hype on the dance floor to tunes like “Loose Booty” and “Freak-A-Deak” when the Junk Yard Band takes the Main Street Annex stage. Photo: TMO Photography.

ARTS Pick: Junk Yard Band

In 1980 a group of children living in a government housing project in Washington, D.C. formed the Junk Yard Band after witnessing the performances of go-go groups in the neighborhood. They used makeshift instruments, banging on pots, pans, hubcaps and buckets and the JYB gained popularity as the go-go scene blew up. The group signed […]

New Boss stacks up as a local supergroup with (L to R from top) Parker Smith, Chelsea Blakely, Scott Ritchie, Nick Rubin, Jordan Perry and Thomas Dean. Publicity photo.

Musical heirs: New Boss is reborn through old connections

More than once, my father has mentioned a desire to trace our family tree. I only understand this practice in abstract terms though. The closest concrete example I know of such a family tree comes not from any genetic kinship but rather attempts by friends to detail the shared ancestry of musicians in local bands. […]

Frontman David Shaw leads his NOLA septet The Revivalists through sweet, wild funk and steamrolls over rock 'n' clichés at the Jefferson on Saturday. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: The Revivalists

Avoiding categorization has become a music biz cliché but The Revivalists’ refusal to commit to a single genre has played in the group’s favor. The New Orleans-based rock band has been welcomed by funk, soul and jam band communities with open arms, and the inability to pigeonhole its sound has diversified its fan base while allowing […]